Live Coding with Sonic Pi

Back in June I took part in a Sound#Hack an event held at Kent University. Sound#Hack was part of the Ideas Test Digital Learning events programme and was in partnership with Royal Opera House Bridge.

There were loads of great workshops such as live vocal looping, beat writing and recording, musical vegetables, mixing in 5.1 surround sound and a tour of the amazing recording facilities that Kent Uni has to offer which included a very cool Foley studio.

Since finishing my Music Informatics degree I have been focusing a lot on web programming and not enough on audio programming so it has been great to be involved in some Sonic Pi workshops. Sonic Pi was created by Sam Aaron (a researcher at Cambridge University) to create a medium for people of any age to learn coding skills through music… or vice versa, music through coding.

I was lucky enough to run a Sonic Pi workshop with Ross Wilson at Sound#Hack. Ross is a brilliant music teacher who has worked to design the Sonic Pi educational program and has taught it in many schools. He was definitely one of the best people I could have asked to get teaching tips from. To find out more about Sonic Pi please check out my previous Sonic Pi blog post.